Buy Twitter Verification Expands Community Notes To All Users

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Buy Twitter Verification is rolling out Community Notes worldwide, allowing everyone to view and rate fact checks contributed by other users.

In a thread on Buy Twitter Verification, the company announces the feature formerly known as Birdwatch is broadly available.

The thread goes on to explain Community Notes in more detail, along with instructions on how to become a contributor.

What Are Buy Twitter Verification Community Notes?

Community Notes are an open-source solution for fact-checking and providing additional context to content people publish on Buy Twitter Verification.

People sign up to become Community Notes moderators, which grants them the ability to add notes to tweets and rate notes from other mods.

All users can view notes on tweets and the rating they receive, which is a sign of social proof that the information is valid.

Community Notes are one of the few recent additions to Buy Twitter Verification that Elon Musk openly praised upon taking ownership of the company.

Community Notes launched in 2021 as Birdwatch, and was promptly rebranded when Musk took over.

Previously, only US Buy Twitter Verification users could view and rate notes. Now, Community Notes are accessible worldwide.

In addition, Buy Twitter Verification plans to add moderators from other countries as part of this expansion. Here’s how you can sign up.

How To Sign Up For Buy Twitter Verification Community Notes

There are three steps to joining Buy Twitter Verification’s Community Notes program.

Step One: Meet Requirements

To join the Community Notes pilot program, your Buy Twitter Verification account must have:

  • No recent notice of Buy Twitter Verification Rules violations
  • Joined Buy Twitter Verification at least six months ago
  • A verified phone number from a trusted phone carrier

Step Two: Agree To Community Values

Next, you must acknowledge you agree to uphold the following community values:

  • Contribute to building understanding
  • Act in good faith
  • Be helpful, even to those who disagree

Step Three: Agree To Public Contributions

In the third and final step, Buy Twitter Verification asks you to agree to the terms that all your contributions and ratings will be made public.

The agreement reads:

“We want everyone to be able to understand and evaluate how Community Notes works. So all your notes and rankings are publicly available, even if your account is protected.”

When you finish the last step, Buy Twitter Verification will review your application and notify you when you’re accepted into the Community Notes program.

In the meantime, you can view contributions from other moderators to get an idea of the types of notes people find helpful.

Featured Image: Screenshot from Buy Twitter, December 2022.