Andrew Tate BANNED from Insta and Facebook after string of misogynistic rants

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ANDREW Tate has been banned from Instagram and Facebook after a string of misogynistic rants.

Ex-Big Brother contestant Tate, 35, has been condemned in recent months after sharing his disturbing views about women in online videos.


Andrew Tate had more than 4.6million Instagram followers when he was bannedCredit: Instagram

According to the BBC, Meta said it had removed the British-American kickboxer from its platforms for violating its policies on dangerous organisations and individuals.

He had more than 4.6million Instagram followers at the time his Instagram account was banned.

Tate, who was born in Luton, now lives in Romania.

His views have been described as extreme misogyny by domestic abuse charities – and concerns have been raised about the radicalisation of men and boys to copy him offline.

Videos of him on TikTok have been watched 11.6billion times.

But the charity White Ribbon, which works to end male violence against women, has called for TikTok to remove Tate from its platform over his “extremely misogynistic” comments.

In a previous interview with another YouTuber, Tate admitted he was “absolutely a misogynist”.

And in a now deleted YouTube video, he claimed part of the reason he moved to Romania is because he believed cops in Eastern Europe would be less likely to pursue rape allegations.

Back in 2016, he was kicked out of Big Brother after a video emerged of him hitting a woman with a belt.

And in 2017, he was slammed by mental health charities for saying depression “isn’t real”.

It comes hours after YouTuber Daz Black slammed “monster” Tate in a video showing the kickboxer’s misogynistic rants.

Daz, who has more than seven million subscribers on the platform, said he was recently approached by multiple women with alarming accusations against Tate.

He said he received “disturbing” videos of Tate – and described the kickboxer as “monster”.

In the video, the YouTuber reacts to Tate’s sickening videos of how he treats women and how he believes other men should treat women.

Daz fumes: “This is not the behaviour of a man… he gets off on hurting women and making them feel vulnerable.

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