Brit sparks airport chaos as he announces 6 HOUR delays in ‘selfish’ prank

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A BARMY Brit tourist sparked airport chaos after making a series of false flight delay announcements over a gate tannoy.

The bloke jumped on the microphone at Zakynthos Airport in, Zante, Greece, last Friday, telling tourists their journeys would be postponed for up to six hours.


The Brit took over the terminal’s tannoy before falsely informing passengers flights had been delayedCredit: TikTok/ samwilsonacoustic


He was hauled off by a police officer and airport staff at Zakynthos AirportCredit: TikTok/ samwilsonacoustic

Footage of the “selfish” prank, captured by passenger Sam Wilson, shows the holidaymaker hopping behind an unattended desk.

As the 22-year-old waited for his flight back to Birmingham, he filmed the Brit taking over the terminal’s tannoy for the stunt.

The jokester, sporting a Paris-Saint Germain tracksuit top and sunglasses on his head, announces to fellow travellers that a flight to Gatwick – which he intended to board – had been delayed by six hours.

He said: “The flight to Gatwick has been delayed by six hours.”

After ranting a wealth of fictitious flight information, he added: “Unfortunately, the flight to Manchester has been delayed by six hours.”

Baffled Brits waiting for their flights home can be seen looking confused as he continued his mischievous monologue.

Airport officials were also puzzled by the tannoy, as there was no flight from the Greek airport to Manchester scheduled on the day.

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But the joke ended up on the Brit when security stormed over to the desk and ended up hauling him away.

He was caught red-handed by a disgruntled member of staff, who was joined by a Greek cop shortly afterwards.

The police officer, seen with a gun in his holster that he appears to briefly unclip, confronts the prankster before escorting him away.

Sam, who witnessed the entire bizarre incident, said the man was not allowed to board his flight home.

He explained: “I was flying to Birmingham but they were flying to Gatwick.

“We were waiting for the gates to open when we just heard a few strange announcements.

“When I looked up I just saw him on the microphone, so I had to get my phone out. He made around three or four announcements about flights being delayed a number of hours.

“The ones I captured was Gatwick for six hours and seeing people’s reactions was hilarious as half the airport couldn’t even see him.”

The sales manager suspects it was his misinformation about a flight to Manchester which rumbled his ruse at the busy airport.

He shared the clip to TikTok, where it has garnered over 82,000 views, alongside the caption: “What a geeza, but Zante has him now!”

Sam added: “His friends were extremely worried about him and they just took him away and didn’t know what to do or whether to leave him.

“After the TikTok was made I did find out he was released after the airport threatened to hold him in the airport and confiscate his passport for three days but after a while of him just sitting in an empty room, they just told him to go.”

Social media users saw the funny side of the man’s airport antics, with many claiming to have also witnessed the prank.

One wrote: “Only a laugh. Hardly harmed anyone.”

Another added: “I was also there. It was quite funny. Wonder what happened to him.”

And a third chimed in: “From someone who lived in Zante, you don’t mess with the Zakynthians.”


The prankster was caught red-handed by a member of staff at the busy airportCredit: TikTok/ samwilsonacoustic


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