Brit tourist chased by raging MULE while hiking and plunges off cliff

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A BRIT tourist was chased off a cliff by a raging mule in a horrifying attack during a hiking holiday.

Syed Bukhari, 22, plunged 100ft off a mountain in Haramosh, located in the Himalayas, trying to escape the powerful predator.


Syed Bukhari, 22, plummeted 100ft off the cliff in Haramosh after being chased by a muleCredit: Jam Press Vid/


Heroic locals scaled the rockface to help rescue the Brit after his horrifying fallCredit: Jam Press Vid/


The Brit tourist sustained three separate head wounds and has been left in agonyCredit: Jam Press/

The holidaymaker, from Walthamstow, East London, had planned to hike through the stunning mountain range for three days.

But on the second day of his expedition, disaster struck when he encountered a pack of mules on the rugged terrain.

Despite the local animals being generally friendly, Syed seemingly appeared as a perfect target for one of them.

A mule suddenly began charging towards him, leaving him with nowhere to run – except straight off the edge of a cliff.

It terrifyingly shunted him over the edge, seeing him plummet 100ft to the ground below.

Syed told “The fall down happened all so quick that I just remember the animal hitting me and me falling off the edge seeing my friends reaction.

“I didn’t realise how high we were until I was all the way down.

“The locals arrived immediately with ropes. Some even climbed down to tie the ropes around me, and guided my steps back up.”

The hapless hiker then realised he had lost his camera equipment and had broken some of his belongings during the fall.

Detailing the aftermath of his ordeal, Syed explained: “I was carried for six to eight hours, until we got back to base.

“There, vehicles could access me and I was taken to a nearby hospital where I got stitched up.”

The 22-year-old suffered three separate head wounds after tumbling over the cliff edge, that required a total of eight stitches.

The wounded walker added: “I’m left with back pain, scars on my face, legs and back, pretty much all over my body.”

Syed, an experienced traveller, shared footage from his horror accident on his Instagram account.

The clip showed his hike before and after the fall, leaving his followers in awe of his near-death experience.

One person commented: “Glad to know you’re alive.”

Another said: “Omg. Glad you’re okay brother. Wish you a speedy recovery.”

And a third added: “Bless the people that helped you! Amazing you got out of that alive!”


Syed had been hiking through the mountain range during a three-day expeditionCredit: Jam Press Vid/


He was carried for over six hours before being rushed to hospitalCredit: Jam Press Vid/


Syed, from Walthamstow, London, regularly shares footage of his adventures on social mediaCredit: Jam Press/ Smm Panel is the best and cheapest smm reseller panel Buy Twitter Verified badge for instant Instagram likes and followers, Buy Verification Badge, Youtube views and subscribers, TikTok followers, telegram services, and many other smm services. telegram, and many other smm services.