Finnish ‘party’ PM has taken a DRUGS TEST after wild vids of twerking & grinding

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FINLAND’S prime minister says she has submitted a drugs test after finding herself in hot water over wild videos of her twerking and grinding.

Sanna Marin, 36, dubbed the “coolest politician in the world” due to her relaxed style of leadership, has come under fire after clips emerged of her dancing “intimately” with an unknown man at a club.


Footage emerged of Sanna Marin dancing with a man at a nightclubCredit: Twitter/visegrad24


The Finnish PM has submitted a drugs testCredit: AFP

The leaked footage was shared shortly after a video was released of her twerking at a wild party with a group of pals – forcing her to deny she was on drugs.

But Marin, one of the world’s youngest heads of government, has insisted she has done nothing wrong and that “everyone needs a fun and relaxed night out”.

Married Marin said her only regret was that private footage had been leaked.

She has now taken a drugs test in a bid to silence critics after someone could be heard shouting “flour gang” in the background of her dancing with pals at a house.

The term “flour” is often used as a slang term for cocaine in Finland.

Marin, who has a four-year-old daughter, has insisted she has never taken drugs and has submitted a test for her legal protection.

The results will be available within a week.

She said: “None of the prime minister’s duties have been left unfulfilled because I spent the evening with my friends.”

The first clip showed Marin with a host of Finnish celebs dancing, singing and drinking with pals in an apartment.

In further footage, believed to be taken later the same night, the politician can be seen dancing with a man in a nightclub.

The man has his arms around the PM, touching her lower back with his lips close to her neck.

It isn’t clear if he is kissing Marin – who married husband Markus Räikkönen in 2020 – or whispering to her.

On Friday, Finnish newspaper Seiska alleged that a “visibly drunk” Marin and several friends pulled up to the Teatteri nightclub in Helsinki on the night of August 6 at 2.30am.


Finland’s prime minister Sanna Marin has been filmed dancing with a random manCredit: Twitter/visegrad24


Marin looks into the mystery dancer’s eyesCredit: Twitter/visegrad24


She has defended her behaviour and insists she has nothing to hide, adding that she “resents” the fact the footage of her in a “private space” has been leaked.

Marin said: “I’m disappointed that it has become public.

“I spent the evening with friends. Partied, pretty wild, yes. Danced and sang.

“I have not used drugs myself, or anything other than alcohol.

“I’ve danced, sung and partied and done perfectly legal things.

“I have also not been in a situation where I would know that others are doing it that way.”


It comes after she was forced to deny taking drugs following an earlier video


The politician partied at an apartment with celebs including Finnish popstars


Marin has defended her behaviour and says she’s done nothing illegalCredit: Reuters


Marin with her husband Markus Räikkönen on their wedding day in 2020Credit: AP

This isn’t the first time Marin’s supposedly wild behaviour has got her into trouble.

She was forced to apologise last year for going clubbing at 4am despite having been in contact with a minister who had tested positive for Covid.

Marin attended dinner and drinks just hours after being in contact with her infected Foreign Minister, claiming she was told she didn’t have to isolate because she was fully vaccinated.

However, she later said she missed a text message advising her to isolate because she didn’t have her government phone on her at the time – a decision her critics slammed as “careless”.

In October 2020, a year after she was elected prime minister, she appeared in an interview for lifestyle magazine Trendi wearing a blazer with nothing underneath.

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