I got drunk at a party & woke up buried in coffin during ritual sacrifice

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A PETRIFIED partygoer who passed out drunk has told how he woke up buried inside a coffin as revellers offered him up as a human sacrifice.

Victor Hugo Mica Alvarez, 30, broke out of the casket in Achacachi, Bolivia, around 50 miles from where he had blacked out during a boozing session.


Víctor Hugo Mica Alvarez says he was buried alive by festivalgoers in BoliviaCredit: Newsflash


The 30-year-old passed out after partying and woke up trapped in a coffinCredit: Jam Press

He had been downing drinks the night before at the launch of the Mother Earth festival in El Alto and ended up worse for wear.

The 30-year-old had joined crowds celebrating nature and the natural world while praising Pachamama, the goddess of earth and fertility.

Festivalgoers offer up sacrifices, known as “sullu”, to the planet – and it seems Victor was elected as one of this year’s contributions.

He believes locals buried him alive as a gift to the goddess on August 6, explaining he only stirred from his slumber when he needed a wee.

The traumatised bloke told local media: “Last night was the pre-entry [of the festival], we went dancing. And afterwards I don’t remember.

“The only thing I remember is that I thought I was in my bed, I wanted to get up to go urinate and I couldn’t move.

“When I pushed the coffin, I was able to break a glass that it had and that way I was able to get out.

“I barely broke the glass and, through the glass, dirt began to enter. They wanted to use me as a sullu.”

As mud and concrete began to pile on top of him, a puzzled Victor explained he managed to claw himself out of the pit.

But after informing the police of his ordeal, the partygoer claims cops refused to believe him because he was “too drunk”.

He fumed: “We’ve gone dancing… and I don’t remember anymore.

“I have broken the glass, my whole hand has been hurt, I have barely gone out, but I went to the police and they told me that I am drunk.

“‘You’re going to come healthy,’ they told me.”

Indigenous Bolivians believe Pachamama “opens her mouth” for offerings in August.

Many participants give the goddess a wide range of gifts, including live animals, sheep foetuses, cocoa leaves and colourful sweets.

But some speculate ancient human sacrifices and offerings are still carried out in secret.

The offerings continue all year round alongside folk dances and ritual ceremonies.


Traumatised Victor says police dismissed his claims as he was intoxicatedCredit: Newsflash


He believes locals offered him up as a sacrifice as part of the Mother Earth festivalCredit: Newsflash

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