Inside abandoned home of gangster ‘Dapper Don’ with rusting cars & secret room

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THIS is the creepy abandoned mansion belonging to notorious gangster John “Dapper Don” Gotti with rusting cars and a secret room.

YouTubers visited the dilapidated home years after it was raided by the FBI.


John Gotti’s New York mansion has been abandoned since 2016Credit: Kyle McGran/YouTube


Old vehicles believed to belong to the family were found stashed among shrubsCredit: Kyle McGran/YouTube


One room was filled with booksCredit: Kyle McGran/YouTube


Former Mafia boss John Gotti, died at a prison hospital while serving a life sentence in Springfield, Missouri, in 2002Credit: Reuters

Known as “Teflon Don” or “Dapper Don”, Gotti shot to fame in the 1980s after he took over the Gambino crime family, which was one of the most powerful clans in America at the time.

YouTuber Kyle McGran explored Gotti’s abandoned New York property a few years back and what he found was amazing.

He visited Gotti’s Old Westbury mansion, which hasn’t been occupied since 2016 when it was raised by federal agents.

Eerie footage shows the empty mansion in disrepair with unkept lawns and overgrown hedges.

Gotti wasn’t shy about his wealth, which he liked to splash cars, fancy clothes, and furniture.

He was said to have earnt £4m a year during his time as the mafia boss.

A lot of that money was funnelled into the Old Westbury property, which has its own basketball court, a tennis court, a swimming pool, garage, and a guest home with an unfurnished apartment.

Clothes still remain on the ground of the hefty estate as you enter the front door, which opens into a large, tiled foyer with a butterfly staircase.

In the kitchen, there are cups scattered across granite benches and shelves full of books in one of the private office spaces.

Much of the furniture remains in tact and Gotti’s suit shirts are still hanging in his bedroom.

There is also abandoned classic cars that were covered in overgrown weeds and a kids playground that’s become rusted over and enmeshed in tall grass.

At one point, Kyle stumbled across a secret room hidden behind a bookshelf.

He finds shirts on coat hangers and piles of clothes and photos hidden in there, including a card written by Gotti’s daughter Victoria.

“I can’t stress enough just how cool that was. If this whole entire house isn’t cool enough, we came across literally Gotti’s secret room.

“Maybe it was used as a closet… [It’s behind] a perfectly normal bookcase. We noticed some hinges and we saw this swing so we knew there was something that drags along the floor.”

Gotti was jailed in 1992 and sentenced to life in prison without parole after being charged with five murders, conspiracy to commit murder, racketeering, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, illegal gambling, extortion, and loansharking.

He died a decade later from throat cancer at 61.

The eerie home featured on his daughter Victoria Gotti’s show Growing Up Gotti.


The YouTubers found a secret room full of clothes and trashCredit: Kyle McGran/YouTube


Among the loot were Gucci and Armani shirtsCredit: Kyle McGran/YouTube


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