Man who found my wallet refused to give it back until I had date with him

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A TEARFUL Tiktoker has claimed a stranger who found her missing wallet refused to return it until she agreed to go on a date with him.

Model Tabitha Swatosh, 22, has told her TikTok followers how her wallet was “held hostage” by a man who would only give it back if they went on a date.


Breaking down in tears the Tiktoker said the stranger refused to give the wallet backCredit: TikTok/@tabithaswatosh


Tabitha eventually agreed to meet him at McDonald’sCredit: TikTok/@tabithaswatosh


The model said the stranger stopped responding to her messagesCredit: TikTok/@tabithaswatosh

The model lost her wallet – which contained important documents such as her credit card, ID and passport – on August 17, while on holiday in Hawaii.

She soon started receiving texts from a man who sent her a photo of the wallet and proceeded to ask her on a date.

While she initially responded that she was not interested, she soon realised she was not going to get it back until she agreed to a date.

The Tiktoker was eventually convinced to meet the stranger at McDonald’s – but said she was stood up after waiting for 25 minutes.

Tearful Tabitha shared a video explaining what happened to her TikTok followers.

She said: “If you are the guy who found my wallet with my credit card, ID and passport in it on the ground in Hawaii, can you please text me back?

“I don’t know if you’re a hero or a villain because you found my wallet but you won’t give it back.

“You told me you’d give my credit card, wallet, ID and passport back if I went on a date with you, I’ll go on a date with you.

“I’m supposed to leave Hawaii in three days and I really want all my stuff back.”

Tiktokers were sympathetic and agreed that the stranger probably didn’t want to show up when he realised Tabitha wasn’t alone after she texted him “We are here”.

One said: “Oh my this is the worst hoping you get it back asap!!!

Another one wrote: “You tipped him off when you said ‘we’.”

Someone said: “Probably saw you weren’t alone and dipped.”

The model later provided an update to her followers capturing the moment she was reunited with her wallet.

She said she suddenly received a call from a hotel receptionist saying someone had delivered it.

Once she finally got her wallet back, she quickly checked everything was inside – just eight hours before her flight back home.

Apart from her personal belongings, the wallet also included a bizarre handwritten note.

It read: “Hope you had a fun trip kid, I enjoyed messing with you.

“Always a good time messing with the tourists. You always have a local friend here in Hawaii.”

“Yeah like cracking a few jokes, not taking someone’s wallet.

“That was an emotional rollercoaster for me, these are tears of joy.”


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