Nightmare neighbour got our trees cut down after pretending to be me

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A WOMAN has alleged a neighbour managed to get the council to cut her tree cut down by impersonating her on the phone to them.

TikTok user Jody Brown posted a video showing workers outside her house chopping down a tree with the words “our neighbours had our tree cut down”.


Jody filmed her tree being cut down


She was told she had called the council to ask for it to be removed

She claims “our neighbours have a long history of just meddling in everybody’s business” and “this is just one more thing that they’ve done in a long line of things”.

Jody, from Canada, said after seeing what was going speaking to the supervisor she was able to save her other neighbour’s tree.

But things then became weird when he told her that she called to ask for the tree to be cut down.

“The guy in charge said ‘well it says here that you called in and wanted it removed’,” she said.

“I told him no that’s not the case and said it’s probably our neighbour. He said he would look into it.

“I got a call later in the day from the woman that heads up the forestry department at our city and she wanted to know what happened.

“And she looked into it a little bit further and found that the phone call was not from us, it was from a landline of a neighbour.

“She didn’t say who but we all know who it was.”

Jody’s dispute with her neighbour over a tree is sadly far from an isolated case.

A year-long dispute culminated in Graham and Irene Lee calling in a tree surgeon to cut half the branches off a tree which had stood for more than 30 years in their neighbour’s front garden.

The couple, in their 70s, had complained that the branches were hanging over their front driveway, attracting pigeons and causing a problem with bird mess and coo-ing noises.

But Bharat Mistry, 56, and his family were “gutted” by the drastic action.

“We were absolutely distraught,” he said.

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