Watch as ‘smoking’ bus driver chats on phone while ‘steering wildly’ on CLIFF EDGE

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THIS is the shocking moment a tourist bus driver in Croatia was seen chatting on the phone on a “perilous” cliff edge road.

Brit Nick Harvey and his family were on a three-hour coach trip from Korcula to Dubrovnik airport on Thursday when their driver allegedly decided to light up a cigarette and chat on the phone.


Nick Harvey said the bus driver was on the phone for 30 minutes and even stopped to pick up a palCredit: Nick Harvey


Nick also said the bus driver lit up a cigarette during the three-hour journeyCredit: Nick Harvey


Nick Harvey, a TV and film composer, with his wife Ali in CroatiaCredit: Nick Harvey

Nick, a TV and film composer, said the man was driving erratically around sharp corners on the “bloody awful journey”, causing some of the passengers to vomit.

He said the driver was chatting on the phone and driving one-handed for 30 minutes before he decided to take matters into his own hands and confront him.

He said he walked up to the front and politely asked him to put his phone down.

The driver allegedly “angrily” told him to go back to his seat – but put his phone down a few minutes later.

Nick told The Sun Online: “Everyone on the bus was unnerved by it.

“I saw one of the other passengers taking photos of the driver both when he was smoking and speaking on the phone, presumably as proof.

“We spoke to another passenger afterwards who wanted to say something but was intimidated by the driver who was surly from the start, not even offering to help load the luggage onto the bus.

“All the passengers had to do it themselves, even the older couple on the bus with us.”

Nick said the road to Dubrovnik was “pretty perilous”.

He said: “Drivers are four times more likely to crash when they’re on the phone and the drive from Korcula to Dubrovnik is pretty perilous.

“The roads are winding and the drops are frightening.

“After I had asked the driver to put his phone down, I was shocked by his angry response ordering me to go back to my seat, but was relieved when, shortly afterwards, he ended the call.”

Nick said the bus driver also decided to stop at a bakery and pick up a croissant.


Nick said a little girl was sick again after the bus arrived at the airportCredit: NICK HARVEY

And he even pulled over to pick up his mate.

He said: “One thing that amused us all early on in the journey was when the driver pulled the bus to the side of the road next to a bakery and popped in to buy himself a croissant.

“He also picked up his mate for a short part of the journey and, as his friend got off the bus, he turned back to us, smiled and said, ‘Good luck,’ before getting off.”

Nick said: “Against the odds, we made it. It was a bloody awful journey though.

“The poor girl was sick again as soon as we got out of the bus.”

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